The Future

I’ve been absent from this blog for a pretty long period of time. I was uninspired, I didn’t really knew where I wanted this blog to go but I’ve come to the realization that maybe that’s better. Having everything planned and neat is satisfying but going with the flow sometimes might be better. I’ve decided to let my creativity free and I’m eager to see where it leads me.

Hope you enjoyed,






Hi! As I said on my previous post, one of the things I love the most are cats. This is a picture of my cat, she’s called Momo and in my opinion she’s the best pet ever. All she does is sleep but she’s perfect to cuddle with. I am always happy when I’m with Momo and I’m 100% sure she likes me too (maybe it’s just because I give delicious snacks). She is like my daily dose of happiness.



Through out the years I realised that hapiness can be found in a lot of places, is just that we don’t know yet. Although I am still young there are some things  I know will always make me happy, such as homemade food, good music and cats. I just started my journey on searching happiness and I want you, whoever you are to come with me.