Yuri on ice

Hiiiii! I am back with this anime called Yuri on ice as you obviously guessed because of the title.

So, this is hands down the most interesting, funny and well made anim I have ever watched. The story line follows Yuri who is japanese skater with really big confidence issues. Due to this issues he tends to fail multiple times. BUT, this is about to change.

One day, Victor, a well known ice skater goes all the way from Russia to Japan just to help Yuri.

Thanks to Victor, Yuri feels confident enough to promise to win a first place title.

I enjoy every minute of this anime and although the first season only has twelve episodes I feel like I really was there with them in those skating competitions. :p

I sincerely hope whoever is reading this watches it because it makes you attached with the characters.

I will talk to you soon,

Susana N.


Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a TV show that aired in 2011 for the first time. It is mostly about Scott and Stiles, two teen friends. One of them turns into a werewolf and this is when the story begins. He is quite confused at first but another werewolf reaches him to teach him how to control his powers.

After a couple episodes the characters start to face other fantastic creatures and a lot of changes happen into their lifes.

Image result for teen wolf

When a friend recommended it to me, I thought it was going to be all about teen drama and the guys love life but I was greatly surprised since it has a lot of action.

I really think you should watch it, you’ll be instantly hooked!

All the love,


NOTE:I kind of feel like this blog is becoming a review blog lol. I will post more about other stuff