Why Fall is awesome

Fall means a lot of things to me: the end of Summer, the beginning of a new school year, Halloween and the internet being full of pumpkin pictures and recipes.

Fall is not my favorite season but the internet has showed me all of the good things of it. Like, just by painting a pumpkin you can make really cute room decor for super cheap, isn’t it great?

Another thing is, what other season has two names, Fall and Autumn? I know its kind of ridiculous but I really enjoy being able to call one same season by two names.

Fashion is also an incredible thing during Fall. I love all the cozy colors and you’re not sweating 24/7 like during Summer. A maroon skirt, a shirt and boots is all I need to put together an outfit during this season.


This post is kinda pointless but I wanted to write some good things about Fall so I would forget about the fact that school started again. I’m trying to post more often so I’ll write soon.

All the love,