Oops, long time no see! Today I’m back with a book review of one of my favorite authors, Rainbow Rowell.

This novel is about Cath, a young girl who goes through her first year of college and everyone she meets there. BUT Cath is not just a simple girl, she is a fangirl AND she also writes fanfiction. At first, it shows how she is kind of afraid of being in a new environment and how she was afraid to show others her hobby and what she liked. The novel follows her journey and it also includes some short stories about the books Cath is so obsessed about.

I really liked this book because it showed how college life is from a different perspective. I have to say that I related to the main character in many aspects which made the reading more enjoyable. I really recommend this book along with others of the same author.

I’m in the haunt for new amazing things to talk about.

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I am the Messenger

This novel written by Markus Zusak is one of the most underrated books I know.

It is about Ed, a young taxi driver that recieves some suspicious cards over the mail. Those cards have some adresses written on them and soon he discovers what to do with them.

Ed is stuck with his friends in a poor town full of trouble. His siblings are all now successfull and out of town while he is there dealing with his mother, that seems to hate him.

I thought the book was amazing but a little bit short. I have to say that the way Ed thought was quite realistic and all the characters had an important part in the whole story.

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The perks of being a wallflower

The perks of being wallflower is a book about Charlie, a young teen who is deperessed, and how he makes his first friends since his friend commited suicide.

There is a book and a movie to this story, the book is composed by letters written by Charlie to an anonymous friend, that talk about how he is living his school year. He tells him about his family and all the experiences with his new friends.

Surprisingly, I thought the movie and the book were equally good. I loved how the story progresed, and the whole plot.

This book has turned into one of my favourites, although it was kind of short.

All  the love,


Hush, hush

Hi! So, the “theme” of my blog has been happiness, it’s obviously going to change someday but for now I’m going to keep it like this. Hope you like what I post.

I,sadly, just finished reading the Hush,hush saga. They are 4 books (Hush,hush; Crescendo; Silence and Finale) about Nora Grey, a normal 16 y/o girl and Patch, a fallen angel. This novels can be labeled as romantic, but in my opinion the main thing is all the action between Patch and, seriously everyone.

In the first book, Nora and Patch get to know each other (it’s the one with less drama out of the four), the second one is the one that stressed me the most, it still was mainly about the two main characters. The third and the fouth books were more action-ish, and they were the ones that kept me reading till 3 am.

My conclusion is, that they’re such good books, woth reading. I hope they make a movie but I’m afraid they would ruin the story. Finishing all the books left me with a hole in my chest, so I guess I will have to look for another book that good.

All the love,