Oops, long time no see! Today I’m back with a book review of one of my favorite authors, Rainbow Rowell.

This novel is about Cath, a young girl who goes through her first year of college and everyone she meets there. BUT Cath is not just a simple girl, she is a fangirl AND she also writes fanfiction. At first, it shows how she is kind of afraid of being in a new environment and how she was afraid to show others her hobby and what she liked. The novel follows her journey and it also includes some short stories about the books Cath is so obsessed about.

I really liked this book because it showed how college life is from a different perspective. I have to say that I related to the main character in many aspects which made the reading more enjoyable. I really recommend this book along with others of the same author.

I’m in the haunt for new amazing things to talk about.

All the love,



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