Hush, hush

Hi! So, the “theme” of my blog has been happiness, it’s obviously going to change someday but for now I’m going to keep it like this. Hope you like what I post.

I,sadly, just finished reading the Hush,hush saga. They are 4 books (Hush,hush; Crescendo; Silence and Finale) about Nora Grey, a normal 16 y/o girl and Patch, a fallen angel. This novels can be labeled as romantic, but in my opinion the main thing is all the action between Patch and, seriously everyone.

In the first book, Nora and Patch get to know each other (it’s the one with less drama out of the four), the second one is the one that stressed me the most, it still was mainly about the two main characters. The third and the fouth books were more action-ish, and they were the ones that kept me reading till 3 am.

My conclusion is, that they’re such good books, woth reading. I hope they make a movie but I’m afraid they would ruin the story. Finishing all the books left me with a hole in my chest, so I guess I will have to look for another book that good.

All the love,




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