The Future

I’ve been absent from this blog for a pretty long period of time. I was uninspired, I didn’t really knew where I wanted this blog to go but I’ve come to the realization that maybe that’s better. Having everything planned and neat is satisfying but going with the flow sometimes might be better. I’ve decided to let my creativity free and I’m eager to see where it leads me.

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Be wise and don’t waste your time

Over the past few months I have realized that I am constantly surrounded by people who don’t really inspire me and have completely different interests than me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that we have diffeent interests, it is that I am not doing anything to make them grow as a person and vice versa. This made me evaluate the time I spend hanging out with them and how I am spending my teenage years not having as much fun as I could because I only allow myself to be me when I am arround people I have known for a long period of time. I have always had a hard time making friends and opening up to people but is it worth it? To waste all the knowledge I could be obtaining from everyone if I was the first one to start talking? I think about the past stories and future dreams of everyone and how I am willing to listen to all of them but I am kind of unable to be myself when I am in front of a new face.
Half of 2017 is already gone but my goal for this 6 months is to try to overcome that anxiety that takes over my body every time I meet someone new. Because who knows, that new person could end up being a life long friend.
Susana N.

Yuri on ice

Hiiiii! I am back with this anime called Yuri on ice as you obviously guessed because of the title.

So, this is hands down the most interesting, funny and well made anim I have ever watched. The story line follows Yuri who is japanese skater with really big confidence issues. Due to this issues he tends to fail multiple times. BUT, this is about to change.

One day, Victor, a well known ice skater goes all the way from Russia to Japan just to help Yuri.

Thanks to Victor, Yuri feels confident enough to promise to win a first place title.

I enjoy every minute of this anime and although the first season only has twelve episodes I feel like I really was there with them in those skating competitions. :p

I sincerely hope whoever is reading this watches it because it makes you attached with the characters.

I will talk to you soon,

Susana N.


Oops, long time no see! Today I’m back with a book review of one of my favorite authors, Rainbow Rowell.

This novel is about Cath, a young girl who goes through her first year of college and everyone she meets there. BUT Cath is not just a simple girl, she is a fangirl AND she also writes fanfiction. At first, it shows how she is kind of afraid of being in a new environment and how she was afraid to show others her hobby and what she liked. The novel follows her journey and it also includes some short stories about the books Cath is so obsessed about.

I really liked this book because it showed how college life is from a different perspective. I have to say that I related to the main character in many aspects which made the reading more enjoyable. I really recommend this book along with others of the same author.

I’m in the haunt for new amazing things to talk about.

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Why Fall is awesome

Fall means a lot of things to me: the end of Summer, the beginning of a new school year, Halloween and the internet being full of pumpkin pictures and recipes.

Fall is not my favorite season but the internet has showed me all of the good things of it. Like, just by painting a pumpkin you can make really cute room decor for super cheap, isn’t it great?

Another thing is, what other season has two names, Fall and Autumn? I know its kind of ridiculous but I really enjoy being able to call one same season by two names.

Fashion is also an incredible thing during Fall. I love all the cozy colors and you’re not sweating 24/7 like during Summer. A maroon skirt, a shirt and boots is all I need to put together an outfit during this season.


This post is kinda pointless but I wanted to write some good things about Fall so I would forget about the fact that school started again. I’m trying to post more often so I’ll write soon.

All the love,


Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is a TV show that aired in 2011 for the first time. It is mostly about Scott and Stiles, two teen friends. One of them turns into a werewolf and this is when the story begins. He is quite confused at first but another werewolf reaches him to teach him how to control his powers.

After a couple episodes the characters start to face other fantastic creatures and a lot of changes happen into their lifes.

Image result for teen wolf

When a friend recommended it to me, I thought it was going to be all about teen drama and the guys love life but I was greatly surprised since it has a lot of action.

I really think you should watch it, you’ll be instantly hooked!

All the love,


NOTE:I kind of feel like this blog is becoming a review blog lol. I will post more about other stuff

I am the Messenger

This novel written by Markus Zusak is one of the most underrated books I know.

It is about Ed, a young taxi driver that recieves some suspicious cards over the mail. Those cards have some adresses written on them and soon he discovers what to do with them.

Ed is stuck with his friends in a poor town full of trouble. His siblings are all now successfull and out of town while he is there dealing with his mother, that seems to hate him.

I thought the book was amazing but a little bit short. I have to say that the way Ed thought was quite realistic and all the characters had an important part in the whole story.

All the love,



During the month of July I lived in Ireland in a host family. At first, I completely hated being there. It was my first time being away from home for that long, so I guess it’s normal.

My school organizes a trip to Ireland for a month during summer every year. I wanted to go to the UK, but I’m extremely happy I could go Ireland. I stayed in a little village called Naas, which is an hour and a half away from Dublin. It was quite small but adorable, there was a lot of green so I really liked that.

I had to wake up at seven every day so I had time to catch the bus at half past eight to go to school. We had class until three and then we had 2 hours of sports. It was really exhausting and at first it felt like a month was going to be way too much for me.

I was lucky because my host family was really nice. I lived with a woman and a dog. She is part of my family now since she treated me with so much love and kindness.

Everyone knew each other at school so at first I felt kind of left out. I made really awesome friends after a couple of days and I’m sure I’ll see them soon since we all live near each other.

The thing that bothered me was the food. It was delicious the first week but then it started getting repetitive. I talked with my friends about it and they felt the same. It seems like the Irish diet is based of potatoes. I like potatoes but definetely not every day.

I loved studying abroad and I’m thankfull my parents gave me this opportunity. If you’re going to study in a different country, my biggest tip is, don’t expect things to happen and enjoy every minute of your trip.

All the love,

Susana N.

The perks of being a wallflower

The perks of being wallflower is a book about Charlie, a young teen who is deperessed, and how he makes his first friends since his friend commited suicide.

There is a book and a movie to this story, the book is composed by letters written by Charlie to an anonymous friend, that talk about how he is living his school year. He tells him about his family and all the experiences with his new friends.

Surprisingly, I thought the movie and the book were equally good. I loved how the story progresed, and the whole plot.

This book has turned into one of my favourites, although it was kind of short.

All  the love,


Hush, hush

Hi! So, the “theme” of my blog has been happiness, it’s obviously going to change someday but for now I’m going to keep it like this. Hope you like what I post.

I,sadly, just finished reading the Hush,hush saga. They are 4 books (Hush,hush; Crescendo; Silence and Finale) about Nora Grey, a normal 16 y/o girl and Patch, a fallen angel. This novels can be labeled as romantic, but in my opinion the main thing is all the action between Patch and, seriously everyone.

In the first book, Nora and Patch get to know each other (it’s the one with less drama out of the four), the second one is the one that stressed me the most, it still was mainly about the two main characters. The third and the fouth books were more action-ish, and they were the ones that kept me reading till 3 am.

My conclusion is, that they’re such good books, woth reading. I hope they make a movie but I’m afraid they would ruin the story. Finishing all the books left me with a hole in my chest, so I guess I will have to look for another book that good.

All the love,




Music has always been a really big part in my life. Since I was little my parents have played a lot of different genres of music to me.

I think music is such a beautiful art, where you can express emotions to other people or just to let all of “it” out. Music is sang poetry which makes me love it even more. It can make you feel pain, sadness or happiness depending on the artist.

I’m leaving some of my favourite songs here:

The Neighbourhood- R.I.P to my youth

Tom Rosenthal- It’s OK

Amber Run- I found

One Direction- If I could fly

Blackbear- idfc

Troye Sivan- Blue

Hope you listen to those songs, they are all special to me,



Hi! As I said on my previous post, one of the things I love the most are cats. This is a picture of my cat, she’s called Momo and in my opinion she’s the best pet ever. All she does is sleep but she’s perfect to cuddle with. I am always happy when I’m with Momo and I’m 100% sure she likes me too (maybe it’s just because I give delicious snacks). She is like my daily dose of happiness.